Windows Hello not functional after Fall Creators Update



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    Maximiliano Uboldi
    And when are you going to fix it?
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    Mark Beharrell

    Phew! I thought I had completely fudged my Alienware 17r4 as FCU seems not only to have broken Windows Hello after a 'Start from Fresh' it also removes the Power Plans - which is now located in the Battery icon in the system tray! and I thought they had disappeared because of me!

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    Alfredo Arreola (Edited )


    Im sad about this, mine is not working and cant get it to work.

    Do we have a time frame for a solution?




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    Is this problem still be working on?

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    Fredrik Persson

    Any news when this will be fixed? 1709 has been out for quite some time now...:(

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    Thomas Leonard Morris Cooper

    how do i get it to work then ??????

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    It's been two and a half months. Can you at least tell us if you are working on a fix? If not, any intention of refunding money for those of us who bought it purely for Windows Hello login?

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    Emelie (Edited )

    Just wanted to say that this issue is still under investigation. We will update the article as soon as we know anything more! The issue is not 100% reproducible so Windows Hello does work for some, but if you're having issues it's definitely worth trying out the workarounds listed in the article above for now if you haven't already.

    But unfortunately, there are no other workarounds proven to work for now. Hoping for some news soon!

    Tobii Tech Support

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    Michael W

    Well - I got it working for me finally.  I have an Alienware 13R3 will all latest updates including BIOS.

    I had Creators Update (Win 10 Pro) which upgraded to Fall Creators Update.

    My Windows Hello still worked (like this article states) but I could not "improve" my recognition and so I removed the face recognition completely.

    Then I tried to set it up again and all I would ever get is the "Sorry..." message - no matter what.

    I am using Tobii Eye Tracking 2.10.0.

    After much trial and error I did the following scenario which seemed to work for me.  I probably rebooted after most of these steps but I don't recall.

    1.  I uninstalled the Realtek imaging drivers ("Integrated Webcam") completely.

    2.  I went to and downloaded the camera driver which seems newer than the Dell ones.

    3.  I ran setup for the download, letting it extract, and unchecked the last bit about installing it itself.

    4.  Then I went to Device Manager and installed the driver manually from the place I extracted it.

    5.  I changed permissions in Windows privacy to allow Camera and allow Microphone (?) which I normally have off.


    6.  I was then able to add Windows Hello back and few more recognitions and then turned camera and microphone back off.

    YMMV, so I hope it works for you too.

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