Windows Hello not functional after Fall Creators Update



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    Maximiliano Uboldi
    And when are you going to fix it?
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    Mark Beharrell

    Phew! I thought I had completely fudged my Alienware 17r4 as FCU seems not only to have broken Windows Hello after a 'Start from Fresh' it also removes the Power Plans - which is now located in the Battery icon in the system tray! and I thought they had disappeared because of me!

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    Alfredo Arreola (Edited )


    Im sad about this, mine is not working and cant get it to work.

    Do we have a time frame for a solution?




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    Is this problem still be working on?

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    Fredrik Persson

    Any news when this will be fixed? 1709 has been out for quite some time now...:(

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    Thomas Leonard Morris Cooper

    how do i get it to work then ??????

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    It's been two and a half months. Can you at least tell us if you are working on a fix? If not, any intention of refunding money for those of us who bought it purely for Windows Hello login?

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    Emelie (Edited )

    Just wanted to say that this issue is still under investigation. We will update the article as soon as we know anything more! The issue is not 100% reproducible so Windows Hello does work for some, but if you're having issues it's definitely worth trying out the workarounds listed in the article above for now if you haven't already.

    But unfortunately, there are no other workarounds proven to work for now. Hoping for some news soon!

    Tobii Tech Support

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    Kaite Li (Edited )

    When is the updating coming out for the Windows Hello Login?

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    Michael W

    Well - I got it working for me finally.  I have an Alienware 13R3 will all latest updates including BIOS.

    I had Creators Update (Win 10 Pro) which upgraded to Fall Creators Update.

    My Windows Hello still worked (like this article states) but I could not "improve" my recognition and so I removed the face recognition completely.

    Then I tried to set it up again and all I would ever get is the "Sorry..." message - no matter what.

    I am using Tobii Eye Tracking 2.10.0.

    After much trial and error I did the following scenario which seemed to work for me.  I probably rebooted after most of these steps but I don't recall.

    1.  I uninstalled the Realtek imaging drivers ("Integrated Webcam") completely.

    2.  I went to and downloaded the camera driver which seems newer than the Dell ones.

    3.  I ran setup for the download, letting it extract, and unchecked the last bit about installing it itself.

    4.  Then I went to Device Manager and installed the driver manually from the place I extracted it.

    5.  I changed permissions in Windows privacy to allow Camera and allow Microphone (?) which I normally have off.


    6.  I was then able to add Windows Hello back and few more recognitions and then turned camera and microphone back off.

    YMMV, so I hope it works for you too.

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    Ellie C

    Is this still not fixed from November? Having just got my brand new computer and having the third item it asks me to setup as part of the welcome intro not work leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. A very disappointing introduction to Tobii.

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    Romi1996v (Edited )

    Temporary solution for Tobii Aware Only , maybe work for Tobii Eye Tracking.

    Suggest for Windows Fall Creator -> Latest 1709

    1. Try Disable your Tobii and restart the system , see if it work ?

    2. Uninstall Tobii software ( Final Solution and work for my system )

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    I see that there was an update to this article on 01/24/18 stating that there will be an update for the software. Does anyone know an approximation of the release date? 

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    Jeff Everett

    Any additional updates Tobii folks?  I did a clean install of Windows and haven't been able to get Hello working again since.  Bummer.  Would really like to be able to subscribe to updates to this page. Since the update check built into the app doesn't seem to be working, I've just been coming back here to check for news every so often for a few months now...

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    Kaite Li

    Please help us, it has been months since the Fall Creator Updates and we need a fix on this issue. I have been checking everyday on the Tobii site and there is no new update.

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    Sean Munnik

    Have you at least informed Realtek of the problem? Are they working on it?


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    ten[N]ovy (Edited )

    I check every day here, since my Alienware 17 R4 with Tobii sensor stop working... I even reinstall yesterday all operating system... from 0% (ISO image of Windows 10 OS 16299.15) and from v2.6 to v2.11 (Tobii-Eye-Tracking-Core-Software) aaaand... still NOT working. Literally, sometimes my eyes are wet because can't play so wonderful games that every day come out with this device and it's really frustrating because also are on front of my laptop blinking red lights and even I'm afraid because maybe this behavior, can damage the device. I can get that work if put OFF and ON quickly sometimes... but is only by 5 or 10 seconds... and then stop work. This situation comes when I update the Operating System and Core Software... so maybe the trouble be in firmware... I do not know... just please, please, please fix this... I really beg you for thas ;'(

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    Any update on this topic?

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    Joe R Dondaneau

    Good morning, 


    Can we get an update from the Tobii team about this? last update was saying there might be a fix mid Feb but that has come and gone :( 


    Would be nice to get this working again without a reinstall to Windows pre Fall Creators update.  


    Thank you.

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    Marc Urben

    And another two months later without any update. Really sad to have 50% for my reason to buy a Tobii still not working. :(

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    Que pasa!!!!!! digo no son baratos los productos como para tener solo el 50% de su funcionalidad!!!! creo que como clientes tenemos derecho a exigir una solucion pronta...... ya paso mediados de febrero y siguen sin decir nada

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    Coming to this page every days seeing that there might be any update about this issue but really disappointed that you guys don't give a s about that. Last update was saying that you gonna fix it by Mid February but still no update 👎👎👎

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    I have an Alienware 17 R4 for 3 months and still does not work windows hello, the latest version of tobii 2.11.1 does not fix the problem. What is the solution?

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    Please, we need a efficient solution already! It is not acceptable under any pretext to be waiting still when when the last big Windows update was many months ago...

    I needed to reinstall Windows in my computer and I lost the opportunity to access with my face. This was my perfect solution... until now... :-(

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    When will the update be released? are we all going to be notified when this issue is resolved? It never worked for me since i bought my Alienware 17 R4

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    Dennis van Kooij

    For me the directions as discribed by Michael W worked for me, the driver and step 5 are the most important ones!

    Then i only needed to stop tobii (right click bottom right of screen on tobii icon and choose stop!)

    No need to restart!!!

    Go to windows hello config and setup your account

    for me it works now.

    Special thanks to Michael W for pointing in the right direction.

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    John Shepherd

    Over 3 months now we've been without the Windows Hello feature. Your product advertises it works for Windows Hello!?! When will this 'fix' arrive? This was one of the main reasons I purchased your Eye Tracker C4 and it doesn't work any more!!!!! What about a refund so we can purchase a camera that does work?

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    I sent this as an email reply to a support rep, but adding it here to hopefully get this issue more visibility from Tobii Management:


    The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has been in public release for 5 months, and has been in testing/RC stages for longer than that. I find it staggering that a core functionality of your product has been crippled for this long without a patch being released to fix it. The perception that this creates (both to me personally and to others that have bought recent Alienware laptops) is that Tobii is not taking the issue seriously. Especially since the last update in the article referenced was about 50 days ago saying that an update was coming out, however to my knowledge nothing has been released.
    One of the main things I was excited about with the Tobii integration was the security of using an infrared backed facial recognition system for unlocking my laptop. I do like the other OS tie-ins like being able to have the pointer jump to my gaze and scroll the window I'm looking at, however these are fun gimmicks and not necessarily a full enhancement like Hello integration would be. At this point I find myself disabling Tobii more often than I use it, since it can't do the main thing I want it to do. I also find myself not recommending the upgrade that includes Tobii to other people, as the tie-ins do not justify the additional cost, whereas the security enhancement would.
    Please escalate this feedback to your management. I sincerely hope that they will begin to take the issue more seriously and perhaps dedicate the internal resources this problem deserves.
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    Leo Widerberg

    Still nothing? Can't you work with Microsoft on this? It was perfect to log in with the 4c before I reinstalled windows.

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    Julian Birngruber

    It's march now.

    I bought my 4C some 2 months ago not only because of the eyetracking in games, but also because you market it to be compatible with Windows Hello quite openly. A fact that - believe it or not - was crucial to my decision.
    Nowhere where you mention this feature is stated that this is not true for almost 5 months now!

    At this point this almost seems like false advertising and I indeed feel kind of betrayed.
    Is this the way you want your customers to feel about your company?

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